I love music. It's constantly playing wherever I am, no matter what time it is. I believe life would be boring without music. I listen to all genres from reggae to classic rock, old school rap to heavy metal. But what I love most is Indie music produced by less famous, less supported artists. (I'm not sure my wife shares my passion.)

I've always felt there's a strong bond between music and wine – they're both crafted by passionate people and they both create a resonating sense of place. Just like it's always exciting to find new wines, I constantly look for new music. I love the discovery of finding artists under the radar before they get famous. These first releases by emerging artists are often raw, edgy and have a sense of uniqueness because there's nothing to compare them to or judge them against, and because they seem completely original.

I feel the same way about the 2014 wines from Mount Peak Winery – Mount Peak's first vintage and, of course, my first wines for the winery. As we release our sophomore vintage, I wait with bated breath that you find them even better, more intensely flavored and more complete than the previous vintage. The 2015 season gave us concentrated wines with depth and length, and I hope you find that my second Mount Peak release is a natural progression from my first. I also hope you know how passionate I am about bringing them from our cellar to you to be enjoyed.

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Mark Williams