Our Story

The Inspiration of Our Portfolio

Today, Mount Peak wines display the focus and finesse that are the hallmarks of this remarkable place with three distinct wines. Sentinel Cabernet Sauvignon, named after the shield-shaped block that marks the entrance to the vineyard. Rattlesnake Zinfandel pays homage to Monte Rosso's Rattlesnake Hill, a place known for the snakes that sun themselves at the highest point in the vineyard. Gravity® Red Blend, so named for a remote, hard-to-reach block where the vines cling to a steep slope that terminates at the mouth of a canyon. Inspired by this storied vineyard, our portfolio of wines are a tribute to California's fabled winemaking history.

– GRAVITY –Block #E.59
– SENTINEL –Block #E.27
– RATTLESNAKE –Block #E.45